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POV: Google Removes Query Data for Paid Ads

Google SSL

Background Over the past couple of years, Google has taken steps to remove search query data from being passed along to advertisers and site owners, starting in 2011 with the news that organic search query data would be encrypted for Google signed-in users. This is when advertisers began to see “term not provided” in their analytics platforms instead of queries. Late last year, they also … Continue reading

Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns – The Migration from Product Listing Ads

Background Google’s Shopping campaigns offer a simplified, retail-centric experience for campaign management over what exists with Product Listing Ads (PLAs). Google recently announced that Shopping campaigns will replace the way PLAs are currently managed within AdWords by late August 2014, … Continue reading

Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini – Combining Mobile & Native Advertising

Background On Feb. 19, 2014, Yahoo unveiled Yahoo Gemini, a new platform for managing mobile and tablet traffic exclusively for Yahoo properties. The platform consolidates two unique ad formats: (1) Mobile/Tablet Search & (2) Native Ads. Mobile/Tablet Search Ads: This … Continue reading

Sponsored Stories

Facebook Drops “Sponsored Stories” From Its Ad Offering

Background Facebook recently announced it would officially discontinue the entire library of Sponsored Stories ad formats by April 9, 2014. What Are Sponsored Stories? Sponsored Stories are distinct Facebook ads that feature the “voice” of a friend — likes, comments … Continue reading

Google Local Results Carousel

POV: Google’s Local Results Carousel

Background Though Google has highlighted results above the local search results — also known as a carousel — since August of 2012, this year they expanded that concept to certain entertainment, travel and hospitality queries like restaurants, bars and hotels. … Continue reading

Image Courtesy of Search Engine Land

POV: Ad Rank Gets a Revamp

Background Ad Rank has been a fairly steady metric over the years – it determines your position on Google Search by multiplying your bid by the Quality Score of each keyword. Quality Score is, of course, Google’s way of measuring … Continue reading

Instagram Ads

POV: Instagram to Begin Testing Native Advertising

Background Instagram recently announced that it would begin testing a native advertising product in the coming week. Native advertising is content that is provided in the context of a user’s experience. The yet-to-be-titled ad product will show photos and videos … Continue reading

Facebook Mobile App

Facebook Releases New Mobile App Ad Features to Increase App Engagement

Background On Oct. 1, Facebook announced added features to their mobile application (app) ads to help advertisers drive more engagement within mobile apps. In addition to the already available mobile app install option, Facebook released seven new calls–to-action to keep … Continue reading

Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird POV

Major Google Algorithm Update Brings New Opportunities for Marketers        Background On September 26, Google announced a major change to their search algorithm, which they call “Hummingbird.” Hummingbird is the largest change to Google’s core search since 2001. … Continue reading

Google Estimated Cross Device Conversions - Photo Courtesy of Noah Talesnick

Google Estimated Cross Device Conversions POV

Background With more and more users utilizing multiple devices to access content and surf the Web, the ability for advertisers to understand this cross-device activity has been lacking. Google reported in a recent study of consumers that regularly use multiple … Continue reading