To drive high engagement, boost shares on posts and increase views on videos, Nest tapped Resolution Media to boost their annual video competition via paid social during the night of The Oscars. Nest Cam owners were prompted to submit their favorite video clips that were #CaughtOnNestCam and the best clips were awarded a highly revered Nestie award and circulated on Twitter and Facebook.


Nest Cam is known for its quality, reliability and authenticity. Nest partnered with Resolution Media to develop a strategy to engage a mass audience without losing these traits central to the Nest Cam experience. To do so, the team used Facebook and Twitter to serve the audience with the most relevant messaging and drove awareness and familiarity of Nest Cam with a fun and relevant brand experience.


Kicking off the campaign, Nest Cam owners were asked to submit their best video clips to the Nest team using the hashtag #CaughtOnNestCam. During the night of The Oscars, eight winning clips were announced on Twitter and Facebook every 15 minutes.

To effectively execute this strategy, Resolution Media:

  • Amplified each of the eight winning clips announced and shared them across Twitter and Facebook in the U.S.
  • Targeted Nest Fans+ Oscars-Nest fans and their lookalikes with an interest in smart and connected home owners tweeting about the Oscars.
  • Leveraged Interest-Nest fan lookalikes with content-related interest targeting.
  • Focused on retargeting purchasers within 180 Days and Nest Cam website visitors within 180 Days (website custom audiences).


Overall, The Nest campaign drove strong engagement given the unique category in a crowded, competitive space. Results included:

  • Over 3.3M Impressions, 992k Engagements, 30% ER on Facebook
    • Engagement Rate was 2x higher than 2016 benchmark (14.45%)
  • Over 2M Impressions, 56k Engagements, 2.71% Engagement Rate on Twitter
    • Engagement Rate was 56% higher than 2016 benchmark (1.74%)
  • The “Gluck Gluck Land” post, capitalizing on the live Oscar blooper moment where La La Land was accidentally awarded Best Picture having the third highest engagement rate on Twitter with 6k Engagements and 4% ER despite being live for only a few hours.
  • Award show interest targeting driving 203K more Engagements than video-related Interest targets during Oscars-night live tweet promotion
    • Engagement Rate was 16% higher (21% vs. 18%)