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Cisco WebEx recently launched “Cisco WebEx Meeting Center + Cisco Spark”, a new offering featuring both products packaged together as a single business solution. While many small and medium-sized businesses avidly use WebEx, the benefits of Cisco Spark were less well-known and this product didn’t have as large of a user base. That said, Cisco WebEx tapped Resolution Media to overcome these challenges with a reach-focused social solution.


Given the task, Resolution considered implementing the Snap platform for the first time on the Cisco WebEx brand because it offered ad units that could provide engaging social extensions from the out-of-home buys that were already purchased at airports. Since the extension provided the target market an additional opportunity to see the campaign, as well as engage with it, the clients were open to testing the platform and were equally excited about the idea of becoming first-to-market on Snap in the B2B sphere with this buy.


Resolution and Cisco WebEx launched a geo-targeted Snap filter in 50 of the largest airports across the U.S. using creative consistent with the overall Meet Brilliant campaign. The filter went live for seven days and targeted all travelers in these airports.


The campaign marked a major success for Cisco WebEx in terms of the campaign’s reach and discovery of a new path to its target audience ahead of its competitors. In fact, Cisco WebEx was the first B2B brand to leverage Snap filters in U.S. airports as well as the first video conferencing technology B2B to advertise on Snapchat.

Despite not having any WebEx Snap benchmark or comparable B2B data, the campaign showed promising performance for WebEx’s first test of the platform:

  • Total Views: 344k
  • Total Impressions: 1.7mm
  • Total Uses: 10.8k
    • ~18% of Snapchatters using the filter more than once

The team also identified two key areas for improvement for future Snap campaigns:

  • Greater contextual relevancy: In this case, at airports. Tying the messaging of this campaign closer to the environment of its use (e.g. “Meet Brilliant on the fly”) may help users create a more engaging narrative and increase usage.
  • Decreasing the number of logos: Use of three logos deterred usage of this Snap filter. Reducing branding and/or making it subtler in the future may encourage a higher rate of use.