FLONASE® Case Study: A Search-Driven Approach to Content Strategy Results in Growth in Search Visibility & Media Efficiency


Following a transition from prescription (Rx) to over-the-counter sales, the FLONASE® Allergy Relief brand management team sought to maximize their search program in a highly competitive category. With the full FLONASE® website launching in early February 2015, just ahead of allergy season, the FLONASE® brand team knew organic search traffic could take time to grow as search engines indexed content across the site, so they partnered with Resolution Media for critical optimization of its SEO and paid search campaigns to help increase visibility in search within a highly competitive category with established leaders.


Resolution’s SEO and SEM teams conducted an extensive analysis of the FLONASE® brand’s search presence, including keyword research and Share of Voice measurement within organic search leveraging BrightEdge, an enterprise SEO analytics tool. Resolution identified search-driven content opportunities to fill gaps in the existing content portfolio, supported the development of search-friendly content, and executed ongoing optimizations to paid and organic search campaigns.


To effectively execute this strategy, the Resolution SEO and SEM teams worked with GSK to:

  • Implement 40+ technical SEO foundational recommendations on the FLONASE® web site
  • Analyze consumer search behavior and paid search landing page relevance to identify content gaps and keywords where the FLONASE® website had a below average landing page experience negatively impacting quality scores and inflating costs per click (CPCs)
  • Prioritize content recommendations to produce a search-driven content calendar
  • In partnership with the creative agency supporting the FLONASE® brand team, create and optimize 60+ content pieces on flonase.com for search
  • Syndicate quality content from flonase.com to reach relevant audiences across the web
  • Execute paid search landing page tests with new content to determine the most relevant landing pages for each keyword and campaign
  • Execute ad copy testing for existing and new landing pages to ensure both the messaging and landing page experience are relevant to searchers’ queries
  • Perform ongoing bid optimizations based on campaign KPIs and benchmarks


Following the campaign, Resolution measured performance, with impressive results year-over-year:

  • CPCs decreased 11%, resulting in incremental paid search clicks valued at nearly 50% of the full paid search budget
  • Organic search traffic to flonase.com increased 77%, while paid search traffic increased 66%, driving to flonase.com and branded landing pages on partner websites
  • Overall search traffic to flonase.com increased 55%, with paid search spend increasing just 50%
  • Within just 3 months following its launch in February 2015, flonase.com received more monthly organic search visits than all client-defined direct competitors’ websites