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Hewlett-Packard (HP) Latin America wanted to increase awareness for the new HP Pavilion x360, a convertible PC that can be used in tent, tablet or notebook mode. HP turned to Resolution Media for help sparking conversation and creating engagement among millennials via Twitter across different Latin American markets, including Argentina, Chile and Colombia.


Resolution and HP Latin America used a Twitter Promoted Trend with the hashtag #RompeLasReglas, meaning to “break the rules,” and partnered with the popular TV show “SportsCenter” (@SC_ESPN) to distribute humorous sports-themed Promoted Tweets with Vines and Promoted Videos featuring Internet personalities to create anticipation and boost engagement.


  • Generated relevant content – HP Latin America created entertaining content with shots of social media celebrities using the HP Pavilion x360 in unexpected ways; and funny Vines that showed celebrities “breaking the rules” with the HP Pavilion x360. The content highlighted the extreme flexibility of the innovative new hinge design and showed how the new convertible computer is “breaking the rules.”
  • Involved a strategic partner – Connected to an audience with a strong affinity for sports, HP Latin America partnered with SportsCenter, a popular sports network and influencer, to engage in twitter conversation piquing users’ interest and increasing the reach of the #RompeLasReglas
  • Audience segmentation and targeting – HP Latin America segmented its audience to generate greater engagement at a lower cost, including geographic segmentation to reach users’ target regions, interest targeting on technology, music and events, keyword targeting such as ‘HP,’ ‘have fun’ and ‘Windows 8.1,’ and look-alike users (those similar to its followers).


  • Within six weeks, the Promoted Trend #RompeLasReglas generated 22.1 million total impressions; 16.4 million in Argentina, 1.63 million in Chile, and 4.13 million in Columbia
  • Creatives, which included Vines, generated more than 60,000 impressions in a single day
  • Promoted Tweets with embedded videos generated 17,000 views
  • When @SC_ESPN joined the conversation, the engagement rate for one of @HPColombia’s Promoted Tweets jumped by 108%
  • HP Latin America saw low average cost per engagement (CPE) for the Promoted Tweets at $0.24