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To boost traffic to and product downloads from its web properties, Kaspersky Lab needed to shore up several disparate search engine optimization (SEO) programs being managed autonomously by numerous local offices and agencies. Without a universal game plan, Kaspersky’s SEO initiatives were inconsistent and inefficient, short-changing the world’s largest privately owned cybersecurity company of revenue-generating page visits.


After conducting an extensive analysis of Kaspersky’s existing SEO practices – which included deep-dive market and keyword research, Resolution Media designed a plan to enable Kaspersky to transition its fragmented local SEO efforts to a centralized SEO program the company could manage globally but also adjust specifically to take advantage of local market opportunities. In the plan, Resolution recommended that Kaspersky:

  • Create a global SEO team to manage all SEO-related requests from local offices
  • Customize for each local market: develop a list of priority keywords and use a single platform to track the company’s associated visibility across local domains
  • Integrate data analytics to gain insights into keyword performance
  • Conduct regular site health monitoring with weekly health checks of 17 core domains, enabling barriers to SEO success to be promptly identified and resolved


  • The centralized SEO team capitalized on global and local opportunities
    • Provided nearly 1,500 page-level optimizations (PLOs) across 15 domains
    • Developed universal guidelines and standardized formats to streamline review and approval from local offices
    • Centralized submission and implementation tracking to monitor progress
    • Developed/standardized key performance indicators (KPI) for use in local markets
  • Standardized KPIs enabled Kaspersky to more effectively and efficiently audit and track SEO program progress in each respective market, across 17 domains
  • Identified and eliminated more than 100,000 “Page Not Found” errors
  • Created a reporting system to track and identify emerging issues and hot searches in core markets to enable Kaspersky to quickly and cost-effectively adjust SEO strategies to capitalize on shifting consumer interests


The payoffs for Kaspersky came early and often. Just a year after joining forces with Resolution Media (2013), Kaspersky saw:

  • Page visits through organic search increase by 15.61%
  • A 13.4% gain in SEO-driven revenue
  • An average of almost 1 million product trial downloads each month attributable to SEO

The following year (2014) was also prosperous for Kaspersky’s SEO, generating:

  • A 14.28% increase in revenue from SEO traffic from the previous year
  • Page visits increased 13.21% from organic search

The most recent year (2015) continued to show growth with:

  • A 9.24% increase in revenue generated from organic search
  • Page visits increasing 16.48% from SEO