Building a Unified Customer Vision

Big data can cause big trouble without a proven process to consolidate data sources and visualise their relationships in a digestible way that allows for insight and action.

ClearTarget™ is our suite of global behavioural analysis tools and services, developed specifically for the Australian market, built to bring social, paid search, organic search, audience and ecosystem data together in the one platform.

It utilises the proprietary Internet marketing tools of Resolution Media as well as various partner suites not always accessible to clients.  ClearTarget™ then applies a number of proprietary algorithms which deliver key performance metrics across digital marketing channels.  It combines both business and online competitor data to generate a view and score of the online ecosystem around your brand and core products.  This enables you to understand your traditional competitors, non-traditional competitors as well as media and partnering opportunities.

On-going Monitoring with Real-Time Data

ClearTarget™ is constantly being updated allowing for a rapid view of your online brand presence, online performance as well as your strengths and weaknesses across search, social and owned and earned media. You can monitor this brand presence as well as your competitors at a brand or product level.

Actionable Insights through Dynamic Dashboards

Through dynamic dashboarding, our analysts interpret data from numerous sources, weighting these against business objectives as well as category, competitor and brand information to deliver valuable insights. We then develop optimal channel plans and tactics and assess the impact of the changes with ease through the use of performance dials.

In the end, your marketing investments will be more effective as they are driven by hard data insights and consider the entire online consumer journey.

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