Audience Insights are Critical at the Start of any Digital Marketing Plan

Deep audience insights should inform every component of your digital marketing strategy and drive your digital marketing stack.  All marketers need to understand the following before generating any channel plan:

  • Customer demographics and psychographics
  • Online communities and synergistic communities
  • The path to purchase
  • How to leverage the “moments that matter” in the path to purchase

Once you have identified the audience, develop the “where” and the “why” with detailed path to purchase analysis to not only drive a positive user and brand experience but to ultimately drive conversion.  Developing the path to purchase requires not only data, but also business and industry experience, melded together to drive actionable insights.

Together these elements set the stage for your digital marketing investments to produce tailored messages and a high ROI that improves over time.

Informed By Data and Formed by Experience

Resolution’s proprietary methodology and toolsuite ClearTarget™  delivers online brand presence measurement and digital behaviour analysis using a wide range of useful audience data sources. This produces a coherent set of audience insights which can inform every strategic digital marketing decision that follows.

Our deep history in search and social means we can help you make sense of these channels as a source of intent and research.

Data + wisdom = insights that will drive tactics that are more likely to succeed.  Know where to look, what questions to ask and how to make sense of the internal and external data available.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you better understand your most important digital audiences and provide meaningful content to them throughout the entire consumer journey or path to purchase.