Unparalleled Targeting, Flexibility and Speed

Otherwise known as paid search and PPC, SEM is a well-established, powerful digital marketing channel that continues to evolve rapidly.  It delivers unparalleled targeting capabilities, flexibility and speed, in driving your traffic, orders and revenue.   SEM delivers, because it connects your brand with those seeking your solutions precisely at the time they seek it and you maintain full control of your messaging throughout the process.

At Resolution, our services help companies achieve a wide range of marketing goals from building awareness to  driving onsite engagement and conversions.   The team of experts ensure the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility for relevant keywords in paid search engine results across Google, YouTube, the Google Partner Network and Bing.

Enabled by the Best Technology with the Right Experience

As one of the largest buyers of paid search globally and within Australia, Resolution are official Google Partners, GAP (Google AdWords Professional) certified and have access to all betas available.

We are experienced in the world’s best third party bid technologies and tools with regular audits conducted to ensure that we are always ahead of the game and challenging the status quo.

Within Resolution Australia, we have our own tool development team creating bespoke solutions for client needs whether they be reporting, feed management or agile marketing requirements.  This ultimately results in greater efficiency and effectiveness for our SEM activity.

Specialised, Integrated Offering

We work in unison with our full suite of digital marketing services to ensure this channel does not work in isolation and that we are making the most of all attribution and re-marketing capabilities available.

Services include:

  • SEM Strategy
  • SEM Consulting and Training
  • SEM Set-up, Management & Reporting
  • SEM Technology Set-up –  Including Dash-Boarding
  • Integrated Search
  • Integrated SEM and Paid Social