Resolution SEO training is industry leading and is ideal for small business owners and marketers, namely those needing to manage an SEO team, SEO project or SEO vendor.

The one day course is designed to provide you with a working knowledge of SEO, updates on the most recent developments in this area as well as an introduction to some of the more advanced SEO concepts, emerging trends and methodologies.

Key items covered:

  • Achieving better rankings in search engine results
  • Increasing click-through rates from searches
  • How to make your site more relevant
  • How to identify the best keywords for your site
  • How to identify and assess your competition
  • How to develop content that will appeal to search engines and people
  • How to avoid spam and practice ethical SEO
  • Designing and structuring your site in the optimum manner
  • Optimising the technical structure of your site to improve rankings
  • Ensuring your site is able to be spidered by the search engine robots
  • How to develop links worth having and improve your social presence
  • How to measure your success!

Course Fees:

A$795 excluding GST.  Includes lunch and refreshments, 3 months toolset access, training manuals, checklists and a certificate. In-house training can be done by arrangement.

Training Dates:


  • 20 November 2014


  • 12 November 2014