Jeremy Bolt

Joint CEO

Prior to being the Joint CEO of Resolution Australia, Jeremy was an Executive Director of Bruce Clay Australasia alongside Des Odell. Together they built the company to become one of the biggest and most respected digital marketing agencies in the country. He was instrumental in its acquisition by Omnicom and merger with Resolution in 2013 realising the potential strength and benefit of the combined offering to clients.

Jeremy has also served as a Deloitte Partner before his time in digital marketing, delivering consulting and outsourcing services to major brands. This has given him a unique perspective of client issues and opportunities.

Jeremy’s experience now includes all aspects of online marketing, more specifically search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content strategy and conversion. He is deeply involved in the tool development projects at Resolution including the launch of ClearTarget™ for the Australian market.

Jeremy has a Bachelor of Commerce and a Higher Diploma in Accounting.

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