Resolution at the 2015 GA Summit

Gavin Lockhart one of our Account Director’s and a member of our Analytics team is representing Resolution Australia at the GA summit. We can’t tell you too much but conversion as ever is a hot topic and Google are focusing on the user and micro moments more than ever before. There are big things to come in 2015 & early 2016.

GA Summit 2015

The agenda and speakers of the summit can be found here. From our perspective the main themes have been around:

Have been a major focus thus far. People have less and less time leading them to use mobile to access information as triggers occur. Thus, Marketers need to be more agile with their analytics and campaigns.

What exactly is a micro-moment I here you ask?

“Mobile has fractured the consumer journey into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments. Each one is a critical opportunity for brands to shape decisions and preferences. After talking to real people, with real needs in real moments, we have some insights to share”

GA and GA premium will roll out a lot of new features to help align cross device analysis because people are now engaging in several smaller interactions with sites across devices and apps (when they get a chance in their busy day… or at the time of an event etc.).

GA Summit

Is a hot topic this year and understanding the customer value is important for Google and GA users. There will be plenty of new features coming at the end of this year and early next year.

User Centric Analysis
There is a big focus on who the users of a site or app are. A lot of new features will be brought to light this year that aid marketers to be more user centric in their analysis.

All in all there are big things happening in the next couple of months! At this stage this is all the information we can share with you but keep an eye out for updates as they come.


GA Summit