Resolution Launches Local Citation Tool

Resolution Australia are proud to announce the launch of our Local Citation Tool that has been built by our 20 strong team of Developers over the last few months. It is designed to help automate the extremely manual process of optimising local business listings on the web so that our clients’ locations are always accurate and have a better chance of ranking in the organic search results.

Why is this important?

The stats from Google and our own studies reveal that:


local pic 2

On top of this:

  • 34X increase in “near me” type searches since 2011 and this has nearly doubled since last year
  • Mobile devices accounted for 80% of local searches in Q4 2014

What is the issue?

There is only 33% citation consistency across the web. This means many businesses have inaccurate information floating around and this ultimately leads to a loss in potential sales.

A common barrier is resource. Making sure your location details are accurate across all directories and then reaching out to those directories and hassling them until they make the change is very time consuming.  So companies pay someone a lot of money for the hours of work (which never stops) or they simply leave it.


How does the tool work?

Resolution has a two-way relationship with directories. The tool crawls their information and notifies us of any discrepancies in a timely manner. Updates can then be pushed across all platforms quickly. Ideally our SEO team would also optimise the listing for a greater chance of ranking in SERPs.

What next?

Take a read of why Local Search is now a big thing. This POV written by our Head of SEO, Mohammad Heidari Far, is an easy read that clearly explains how it all works.

Contact Resolution for more information on the topic and a free audit.