Fuel of the Entire Marketing Mix

In the world of digital marketing, no one can afford to sit still.  Audiences constantly evolve and so do the algorithms of the top search engines and social networks.   It is critical to have a content strategy in place to support maximum exposure across topics that matter to consumers.   Marketers need to ask:

  • Do you have a reliable content strategy built on data insight?
  • Do you address the needs of my consumers with relevant and engaging content, at each step of their journey?
  • Does everything have an SEO lens so it is able to deliver cost effective traffic in an always on capability?
  • Do you address the questions your consumers have and are you actively removing the barriers to conversion?
  • Are you driving engagement and interaction?

When done well, content marketing can fuel the entire marketing mix for companies and take campaign efficiencies and effectiveness to new heights.

Experts in Strategy and Execution using Proprietary Insight Tools

Resolution have a team of content strategists who ensure all proposals are built with an SEO lens as well as a team of experts in the execution of the various content marketing tactics.  Our copywriters specialise in highly optimised online content for websites, blogs, press releases, and eBooks.   Our creative team are trained in the development of visual imagery from infographics to photos and video.

We help companies identify and understand their most important audiences with tools like ClearTarget™ and Current@Resolution. This sets the stage for creating content that can resonate with the right people no matter how or where they discover it, enabling businesses to outperform competitors across channels like search and social; across devices; and across paid, earned and owned media.

Resolution have a number of case studies demonstrating the success of our efforts as we believe that all content can, and should, be made accountable.

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