Data Feeds for Multichannel Success

Many of the most advanced and effective multichannel performance marketing strategies rely on dynamic feed management.

We partner with many of the industry’s top advertising technology vendors and stay on top of their latest innovations in this space.  What really sets us apart is that we have our own 20 strong Tool Development Team enabling flexibility and the creation of bespoke solutions for our clients based on their unique situation and goals.

We can update paid search ads and bids in real time using product feed information such as price or inventory changes.  We can incorporate live search trend data into the AdWords strategy so it is aligned with consumer behaviour and therefore takes advantage of every opportunity.   We can leverage data feeds to re-target ads on Facebook based on intent expressed by consumers as they click on search ads.

We all know digital marketing evolves at a staggering pace, but many brands are surprised to learn that innovative feed management strategies fuel much of the industry’s progress and automation. Contact us today to take your data feeds to the next level.