Video Marketing Drives Precise Engagement

Continuing to accelerate at an astounding pace especially with the growth of smartphone usage in Australia, consumer engagement with online video represents a substantial opportunity for brands to connect with their most important audiences. Precise targeting capabilities and a growing array of ad types make video marketing an efficient and effective investment for marketers, but the channel still goes untapped by many brands.

YouTube alone boasts almost 13 million unique Australian visitors each month with an increasing number of ad types; pre-rolls, overlays, video ads, promoted videos and branded channels represent just some of the opportunities.

In addition to YouTube, Resolution can help you optimise videos for your website and blog, as well as other third party platforms so they are more discoverable within search engines and across the web.

Discover the Right Approach for Your Brand

With a thorough understanding of your most important audiences in place, we can help you launch content and offers that will reach, engage and motivate them. Contact us and we’ll recommend a video initiative to best achieve your marketing goals.

Our comprehensive suite of video SEO and advertising services include:

  • Customer Insights
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Video Optimisation
  • Video Advertising Management
  • Analytics & Analysis