The best websites and apps support useabilty and findabiity

Specification and Design (also known as Information Architecture) refers to the way that content and information within the website or app is organised, structured and named appropriately.   Ultimately, the best websites/apps that get the best results, shape the information products and experiences to support useability and findability rather than relying on good luck or instinct.   They also rank in search results for the right topics.

Every marketer should ask:

  • Are user’s finding what they need through browsing & searching on your site?
  • Are you managing the balance of the user needs and business goals?
  • What policies and procedures are needed for the site?
  • What is the cost of frustrating customers? What is the impact on brand?
  • How much does it cost to rebuild a website if it doesn’t scale or support findability?
  • Can I get more engagement and conversions if I made some changes to my site?

Data Driven Strategies

At Resolution, we have experts in this field who use a proven framework and support their recommendations with data.  We look at everything from these 3 angles:

Audience – What are the personas, needs and behaviours of the users? How do they relate to the buying cycle?

Business – What are the business requirements & goals? What is the industry doing? What are the industry trends? Where will the industry and business be in 2-5 years’ time?

Content –  What is the existing content on the website and competitors?  What is planned? How can we segment what already exists?

End-to-end development

Our team produce 6 deliverables to answer the above and then provide the option of having our design and technology teams actually build the site or app for you.  This ensures the data driven insights are implemented and create the desired outcome.

Get in contact and find out more.  We are happy to provide a number of case studies on blue chip Australian brands.