As a part of the “Never Stop Improving” brand campaign for leading global home improvement retailer, Lowe’s, Resolution Media sought to leverage the client’s strong brand campaign through an innovative, engaging social media strategy to help people discover new ways to improve their homes and their lives, and to support them throughout their home improvement journey.

Vine – the looping, six-second video app – provided a platform to address the challenge of delivering solutions for common household projects in a memorable, entertaining and educational format.


Create a branded “Fix in Six” series of six-second Vine videos, vying for the undivided attention of target customers in a cluttered social media landscape, while supporting Lowe’s strong positioning as a source for home improvement solutions.


  • Leveraged consumers’ reliance on Lowe’s for information and support on all kinds of projects around the home.
  • Used Vine video app to produce “Fix in Six” video series, delivering quick, sharable home maintenance tips that are both entertaining and useful.
  • Launched campaign with a dozen quick tips using stop-motion techniques to create entertaining and mesmerizing six-second videos.
  • Produced an average of four new “Fix in Six” Vines each month since the campaign launched in May 2013, covering a mix of seasonally relevant issues as well as every day home improvement topics.
  • Amplified distribution through promoted Tweets, enabling Lowe’s to connect with target consumer on Twitter throughout their home improvement journey. 


  • Immediate, overwhelmingly positive reaction to the work from both consumers and press.
  • Much bigger buzz than expected on Vine and Twitter.
  • Lowe’s became an overnight Vine sensation, despite modest budget for campaign. 
  • In first year, campaign achieved 15 million earned impressions and many thousands of social mentions.
  • Vine-promoted tweets on Twitter have an almost 20 percent higher share rate than other Lowe’s promoted tweets.
  • Brought meaning and relevance to a platform mostly associated with trivial curiosities.
  • “Fix in Six” continues to drive high engagement for the Lowe’s brand.