Twitter Announces Ads API


On February 20, 2013 Twitter announced the launch of its long-awaited ads API program with five alpha partners, including Salesforce, Adobe, TBG Digital Shift and Hootsuite. This integration will allow Resolution Media to manage Twitter’s paid media products, namely Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts, via third party technology platforms.

How it Works

An API (Application Programming Interface) enables two software programs to speak to each other, which means Twitter’s API announcement is the first critical step towards allowing third party technology companies the ability to build out customized platforms for improved ad campaign management on the Twitter platform. Until now, running Twitter advertising campaigns was restricted to Twitter’s own ads interface, which has limited functionality in its current state. Similar channels, including Facebook and Google, rely on their API partners to foster innovation in the technology space — including how ads can be purchased, optimized and reported on via their platforms, in addition to any user interfaces and tools they build themselves.

Twitter is not able to comment on how quickly they will allow other partners to integrate with the API or who those partners will be, but we expect additional partners to be announced in the near future. Due to Resolution and Omnicom Media Group’s relationship with Twitter, Twitter has solicited feedback from Resolution on potential future partners based on our clients’ needs and priorities.

Resolution POV:

Managing through a Twitter ads API partner should provide significant benefits:

  1. Efficient Use of Resources – The technology allows for actions to be done in minutes instead of hours, turning time that was spent doing laborious tasks into greater opportunity to analyze results and optimize for better performance.
  2. Data Import and Export – Similar to Facebook and other API-based social ad programs, Twitter’s API will enable bulk data exporting for reporting and analytics purposes. This is important since serious advertisers are interested in reporting and analyzing Twitter ad program data alongside other media channel performance. Although not available yet, we expect that the API will evolve in future iterations to allow customer, media and other 3rd party and/or 1st party client data to be imported into Twitter for advanced targeting purposes.
  3. Ad Program Innovation – By essentially outsourcing the future development of Twitter ad program features for management and optimization to existing social technology platform providers who are experienced in development of API-based features across competitors like Facebook, there will be a level of innovation and competition (among technology providers) that should drive better advertiser ROI, testing opportunities, and value of Twitter media associated with other programs and channels.
  4. Improved Performance – The ability to scale up and manage campaigns in bulk while acting quickly through additional features such as day parting and bid management should result in improved campaign performance metrics. We expect as well that the ability to view dimensions of campaigns such as mobile engagement, top performing tweets across unique campaigns and targeting criteria and more, will allow for more advanced optimization decisions that improve performance.
  5. In Depth Reporting – The tools will provide the ability to quickly pull aggregated reports resulting in deeper levels of insights for clients that can be acted on immediately.

As Twitter’s API partner set expands, we expect leading technology platforms in the space to expand their cross-channel capabilities as well. When relevant, Resolution will be able to activate testing and optimization learnings across search and social in real time and provide better insights into cross-channel performance.


Twitter’s announcement of its new advertising API has been long-awaited and will allow third party technologies to develop platforms that will make management of Twitter advertising products more streamlined and effective.

Resolution believes that managing Twitter campaigns through a technology platform will lead to more efficient use of campaign management resources, faster and more in-depth reporting and improved campaign performance. While there are limited partners available to test with now, it is expected that many more partners will be included in the near future. Resolution will be proactively recommending testing scenarios to its clients based on their current technology stack and overall priorities.

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