Resolution can help you improve the ROI of your performance marketing campaigns in a variety of ways, and we are constantly developing and testing new digital marketing approaches and techniques.

In almost every instance, improving ROI comes down to securing and properly using the right data to address your specific campaign and marketing goals. As you might expect, we can optimize your media buys, ad copy, bid strategies and more with performance data and insights, but new opportunities to improve ROI continue to emerge. Some of the most powerful techniques driving ROI improvement for our clients today, for example, include multi-touch attribution and lifetime value audience segmentation.

Multi-touch attribution technology can help you better understand the ways customers interact with your brand across devices and channels before purchasing or converting, enabling you to improve the performance of your ad buys and better cater to customers. Consumers who interact with a retailer on Facebook prior to searching for it on Google and later buying, for example, tend to buy more regularly and spend more than consumers who only interact with the retailer through search. This is just one example of the many insights we can help you unlock with multi-touch attribution that can be used to improve ROI in many different ways.

Lifetime value audience segmentation enables insights from multi-touch attribution and elsewhere to transform your marketing efforts, but audience segmentation has become much more advanced than simply tracking genders and age ranges. Thanks to the accountability and transparency of digital media, we can help you segment your audiences by the devices they use, the social networks they frequent, the interests they declare, the actions they take online and many other factors. Once you define meaningful audience segments, you can adjust your digital marketing strategies to regularly reach consumers who fit these profiles, pay less to reach those who don’t and cater to the higher value customer.

Converting Your Audiences

Learn how Resolution Media works to understand and target audiences who will become repeat customers that convert across all of your marketing channels.

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Targeting Your Existing Customer

There have never been more ways to market to existing customers. Learn how Resolution helps you choose the digital approach that makes the most sense.

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