There have never been more ways to market to your existing customer base, and we can help you choose the approach that makes the most sense. Email marketing, paid ad retargeting, Facebook Custom Audiences development, and other forms of digital marketing can help you tastefully and effectively market to this powerful set of consumers who you already know likes to do business with you.

Want to extend gentle reminders or coupons to customers who recently made a purchase but didn’t buy accessories? Retargeting can put those accessories in front of those exact customers as they browse the web.

Want to put new products in front of past customers that haven’t purchased from you in at least six months? We can help you create a segmented list of these customers and buy inexpensive face time by regularly presenting them with compelling visual ads through Facebook Custom Audiences.

No matter how you’d like to interact with your customers past or present, Resolution can provide powerful resources and the right mix of digital media to reach them.