Data Feeds for Multichannel Success

What began as a way to direct shopping comparison sites and other affiliates has become one of the most useful and dynamic tools available to digital marketers today, and we can help you put your data feeds to use in ways you’ve never imagined. Many of the most advanced and effective multichannel performance marketing strategies rely on dynamic feed management.

Are your Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) working well? We can help you use the same data feed to automatically create dynamic direct response Facebook ads for your top performing products. In fact, RTB display and social advertising have taken huge steps forward thanks to new and innovative applications of the data feed. We can even help you leverage data feeds to retarget ads on Facebook based on intent expressed by consumers as they click on search ads.

Technologically Diverse

We partner with many of the industry’s top advertising technology vendors. We stay on top of their latest innovations and work with clients eager to tap the next competitive advantage. This flexibility enables us to put the right partnerships to work for each client’s unique situation and goals.

We all know digital marketing evolves at a staggering pace, but many brands are surprised to learn that innovative feed management strategies fuel much of the industry’s progress and automation. Contact us today to take your data feeds to the next level.