Countless Applications

We can help you establish performance display as a productive component of multichannel strategies that support almost any marketing goal. Whether you need to fill the pipeline with prospects or close sales by retargeting engaged consumers, performance display offers flexible targeting options, efficient pricing and thorough tracking that help marketers increase scale and reach while improving the profitability of other digital channels.

The Right Offer

The right offer is the relevant offer, and we can leverage precise targeting technologies to help you reach consumers based on their past behavior, affinities, interests and more. You can leverage performance display to retarget shopping cart abandoners, sweeten the offer and seal the deal without presenting irrelevant offers to customers who completed their purchases. We can even help you harness expressed intent as consumers click on search ads through low-cost direct response Facebook campaigns.

An Important Piece

Like other digital channels, performance display produces its best results when managed as part of a comprehensive multichannel marketing effort that identifies and pursues your target audiences. Our multi-touch attribution experts can help you understand the contributions of each piece of owned, earned and paid media leading up to a conversion event, and performance display campaigns are uniquely suited to contribute throughout many different stages of the purchase process. Contact us today to learn how performance display can make your other channels perform more effectively and profitably while taking your prospecting efforts to new heights.