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Who Are These Searchers? Audience Targeting in Paid Search

Background Marketers have traditionally sought to find the “hand-raisers” who expressed a specific interest and utilized search marketing to connect them to their relevant content.  However, over the next year or two, Paid Search will experience a sizeable evolution towards…

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Social Trends Report – 1st Edition

From ad performance to verticals and ad spend, learn the very latest social advertising trends to transform your social advertising strategies for greater business results.

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The Search Sandbox

Read our new study to understand how to fully optimize your campaigns across both Paid and Organic Search results.

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The Future of Search Marketing

Learn about the importance of measurement, interactive tools and experimentation. These are all drivers that will help you take your search program into the future.

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Men Are Cheap – Efficient Gender Targeting in Facebook

It's critical for advertisers to understand which gender uses Facebook more, which clicks on more Facebook ads, and which delivers greater unique audience exposure.

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