Global Social Media Insights

Social Media is a Global Phenomenon

Social media has quickly become one of the preferred channels for brand and consumer interaction. This is true now on a global basis.

Facebook is more than just a U.S. platform. It’s a global phenomenon.

However, online connectedness of the population, market penetration of Facebook, and audience engagement levels differ among countries around the world. Therefore, in order to maximize your global Facebook marketing results, your business needs to approach its Facebook marketing differently per country based on each nation’s specific Facebook performance.

Read the White Paper & Get an Edge
Resolution Media’s white paper, “Global Social Media Insights,” provides you with a roadmap for approaching and managing your Facebook marketing in alignment with the Facebook advertising environment in various countries around the world.

Each country included in the white paper has a minimum of 100 million ad impressions uniquely targeted to the respective country. Metrics examined include CPM, CPC, CTR, Frequency, Exposure Rate, and Max Recommended Bid.

This white paper is the second in a series from digital marketing leader Resolution Media, an Omnicom Media Group Company, looking at global trends in social media and identifying actionable insights and metrics for brand advertisers. Download this white paper today to uncover the findings that will help you get more out of your global Facebook marketing efforts.