Men Are Cheap – Efficient Gender Targeting in Facebook

More Effective Gender Targeting

Facebook usage has exploded, with comScore reporting that the average user spends more than six hours each month on the social platform. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Facebook advertising has become a very important part of the marketing mix for many companies. According to eMarketer, approximately $6 billion in advertising budgets will be spent on Facebook ads by 2014.

However, many advertisers are missing the mark. Whereas many are targeting men and women in the same way, there are actually clear differences between genders in the Facebook advertising environment and more customized gender targeting will be required in order to fully maximize advertising campaign returns.

Identifying Gender-Specific Usage of Facebook
The white paper “Men Are Cheap – Efficient Gender Targeting with Facebook Ads,” co-authored by Resolution Media and Kenshoo Social, answers important questions about how women and men engage differently with ads on Facebook. It’s critical for advertisers to understand which gender uses Facebook more, which clicks on more Facebook ads, which sees higher repetition of the same ad, which costs less to target, and which delivers greater unique audience exposure. The white paper explores these types of questions and reveals gender-specific insights through statistical analysis.

Read the White Paper & Get an Edge
“Men Are Cheap – Efficient Gender Targeting with Facebook Ads” provides you with a roadmap for optimizing your Facebook marketing through gender-specific targeting.

This white paper is the third in a series from digital marketing leaders Resolution Media, an Omnicom Media Group Company, and Kenshoo Social, looking at more intelligent Facebook advertising methods and identifying actionable insights and metrics for brand advertisers. Download this white paper today to uncover the findings that will help you get more out of your Facebook marketing efforts.