Google Mobile Search – Ranking Factors for Better Mobile SEO

Critical Insights Every Search Marketer Needs to Know

Google reports that mobile searches have increased in volume by 5X over the past two years. Additionally, eMarketer forecasted that Mobile internet users worldwide will grow by 22.9% in 2013. Clearly, it’s important for marketers to understand how to optimize content for mobile search to ensure online visibility in line with mobile trends.

However, finding data-based mobile search guidance is difficult today. Our research in the white paper “Google Mobile Search – Ranking Factors for Better Mobile SEO” differs from much of what has been written about mobile search to date, in that our research is based on empirical evidence as opposed to mere opinion.

Uncover the Off-Page & On-Page Ranking Factors
By examining the public search results for a set of queries on smartphones, we discovered the drivers of mobile search rankings. Our white paper includes a collection of search rankings for 11 popular mobile queries, which we then tested for various off-page/on-page SEO and mobile SEO factors, including links, site architecture, content and HTML.

Read the White Paper & Get an Edge
“Google Mobile Search – Ranking Factors for Better Mobile SEO” provides you with a roadmap to optimize your content in alignment with what matters most in mobile search today. Download this white paper to get access to the findings that will help you optimize your content and rank higher in the mobile search results.