StoryConnect@Omnicom SXSW Report

Making Big Data Small at SXSW

Powered by Resolution Media, FleishmanHillard, and Annalect’s data intelligence suite, StoryConnect @Omnicom provided a content newsroom for SXSW Interactive 2015. An always-on, data-driven, socially -enabled, content and advertising center, this official SXSW lounge allowed visitors to see news, trends and surprises from SXSW as we made big data small.

The Resolution, FleishmanHillard, and Annalect partnership represents the only global content marketing offering that leverages enterprise media monitoring with audience and advertising data to amplify programs through paid media – all of which is measured at the scale of a global holding company, Omnicom. The value proposition of the combined agencies is focused on Data-Driven Content that Performs.” The partnership combines:

  • FleishmanHillard’s best-in-class social and traditional media monitoring (FH TrueIQ) and content marketing (FH ContentWorks) at global scale and consistency
  • Resolution Media’s proven audience segmentation (ClearTarget) and measurement capabilities (in conjunction with Annalect data sources and tools), as well as global enterprise paid social (Current@Resolution) and paid search capabilities
  • Annalect’s proprietary publishing platform (Assembly) that delivers data visualization and insights, inside a secure, collaborative environment Here, we’ve compiled the top insights and trends coming out of SXSWi 2015 to help your brand be at the forefront of relevant conversations in the year to come.