Directing With Data

Audience insights form the foundation of Resolution’s digital marketing strategies, and we answer your brand’s most relevant questions with data derived from analytics:

  1. What audiences matter most?
  2. What important audiences has my brand been overlooking?
  3. What content resonates best with each of these audiences?
  4. What opportunities do I have to connect with and motivate my target audiences, and which of these have the greatest potential to deliver big results?

 Enabling Smarter Decisions

Resolution is always helping marketers learn even more about what they already know and identifying important insights they’ve never considered. We utilise analytics and incorporate them in everything we do.

Whether leveraging multi-touch attribution technology to better understand the contributions of various marketing channels and attribute credit accordingly, studying the behavior of customers and prospects on your site to improve conversion rates, or defining a comprehensive action plan to better connect with your most important audiences, we rely on analytics technology to collect and help us interpret critical data, which in turn informs and improves decision making.