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Partnership seems to be at the heart of the Resolution Media culture, which is both unique and refreshing to see in the agency environment.

— Susan Kim, Search Marketing Manager, Hewlett-Packard

Resolution Media has expanded our brand beyond search by introducing us to new products, technology and marketing channels, all while providing business results.

— Steve Pacheco, Marketing Director, Fedex

Resolution Media is not just an agency, but a true partner...

— Michael Ryan, Director of Online Marketing, Lowe’s

We appreciate the open and honest, working relationship we have with Resolution.

— Mark Scholz, Senior Manager SEM & SEO of, Hewlett Packard

Resolution Media brings new and innovative ideas and solutions that drive tangible business results.

— Edward Gold, Advertising Director, State Farm

Resolution Media’s unique focus on educating our internal stakeholders about the business value of SEO has ensured that their recommendations are implemented and deliver results.

— Rick Carpenter, VP of Marketing, Briggs and Stratton

With the convergence of search and social media, Resolution was a natural partner to run integrated social media campaigns with our internal team. They have the experience and expertise to manage our social initiatives that have ranged from strategic branding campaigns to real-time optimizations, and we've seen the results.

— Alex Pascual, SEM Lead Americas, Enterprise Business, Hewlett-Packard
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