4 things you need to know about Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

Google recently launched its Adwords Enhanced Campaigns, a new AdWords system presented as a better way to advertise across multiple devices. Its goal is to not only simplify the campaign process but also deliver the best ads for the desired recipients in a device-agnostic way. According to Google, the system delivers more relevant ads based on users’ context, such as location, time of day and device type, through a single campaign.

Since the announcement, more than two million Adwords campaigns have either been transitioned to or created through the enhanced system. With good reasons, it would seem. According to Search Engine Land, early adopters have seen better conversion rates, lower cost-per-click and are saving time on managing campaigns.

Before jumping on the enhanced campaign wagon, there are some things you need to consider.


Here are some of the options to upgrade your Adwords legacy campaign to an enhanced campaign:

Adwords Campaign Settings
PROS: In two or three simple steps, you can upgrade to an enhanced campaign.
CONS: This only applies to accounts with very few campaigns. For accounts with many campaigns, it becomes extremely time consuming.

Adwords Editor
PROS: The editor tool allows you to upgrade accounts with many campaigns in a few simple steps.
CONS: You can’t merge any of your campaigns or edit/create Enhanced Sitelinks.

New Adwords Upgrade Center
PROS: You can upgrade entire campaigns in one go and merge the ones that are on tablets and mobiles.
CONS: You cannot edit or create Enhanced Sitelinks.

DoubleClick Search Upgrade Tool
PROS: Similar to the upgrade center, entire campaigns can be upgraded together and multi-platform campaigns can be merged.
CONS: This tool requires a campaign to be run through Google’s DoubleClick Search. You’re unable to edit or create Enhanced Sitelinks either.

Automatic upgrade by Google after deadline (July 2013)
PROS: You don’t have to do anything.
CONS: Tablet and mobile campaigns will be paused or deleted and all mobile bids set to the default cost-per-click. Mobile-specific ads and Sitelinks will need to be added at a later stage.

Our choice: Using the Adwords Upgrade Center. You shouldn’t wait for the automatic upgrade to avoid the unpredictability of it.


Before the enhanced campaign was released, marketers had to create multiple campaigns to run on different devices with the same content. Now, campaigns that will run on different devices can be managed as one. You would have to assess whether these campaigns are similar enough to be merged. Planning ahead will allow you to manage campaigns with ease.
PROS: You can easily handle and start campaigns
CONS: You will no longer be able to focus a campaign on users of a given device, for example tablet users who, according to your data, would be more likely to buy your product.


With the changes, bids can no longer be adjusted for desktop and mobile devices separately. If a single campaign is targeted to multiple countries, you can change bids for separate countries and focus on certain hours of the day.
PROS: The location and hour-based adjustments are very useful. For example, if you have data that suggests that you have the highest order value in Dubai on weekdays before lunchtime, you can increase the bid adjustments for that particular time and location.
CONS: Not being able to bid separately for different devices makes it difficult to target specific potential consumers.


Additional tracking is always a good thing and enhanced campaign has extended these capabilities. AdWords reports will now include phone calls from click-to-call and app downloads.
PROS: All these new capabilities will allow you to track conversions across multiple devices with ease.
CONS: No complaints there. We want more tracking, so expanding this will only help you.

There are definite advantages in removing the need for separate campaigns but the limitations in targeting specific device users is akin to a small step back. Our goal will be to maximize the benefits of Enhanced Campaigns while minimizing the impact of its limitations.