5 trends for content and social media in 2014

In 2013, social media saw exponential growth in the region, with some brilliant content being put out there. It won’t stop there. Here are my top 5 trends for social media and content in 2014.

Mobile first

There’s no denying that mobile technology is at the heart of digital experiences. In 2014, brands and agencies will stop saying “mobile first” and start actually doing it. Last year, all major social platforms started designing their user experiences around mobile devices first, and then rolling those features out to desktops. We will be thinking the same way.

 The social newsroom

Monthly (or weekly) editorial calendars will die out. Instead, to be able to deliver compelling stories on social, we will start seeing more brands join the real-time content revolution. In order to break through the clutter, content will have to be more engaging and entertaining while connecting with users on things they’re talking and thinking about in near real-time. Transforming a trend into brand-relevant visual content in a matter of hours instead of days will continue to revolutionize marketing communications. We will be learning a lot from traditional newsrooms.

Lightweight interactions

We will see a move from immersive experiences to lighter, more “snackable” interactions that delight. Let’s face it, most social experience happen with the scroll of a thumb. These are small, but important engagement opportunities. Brands will start investing more into lightweight interactions over time. They will discover that such investments are far more effective than overwhelming fans with promotion material that require deep commitment and time that today’s fan does not have or care about.

Calculating ROI will become more difficult

Brands will come to a realization that ROI from content marketing (particularly social) is more complex and will have to be measured on a case-by-case basis. We will come to terms with the fact that results from the still-emerging social measurement technologies are often better calculated as a whole and over longer periods of time. This will also help those measurement and monitoring companies flourish and offer even more sophisticated solutions.

Experimentation with content in new mediums

Brands will become less apprehensive at experimenting with new platforms/mediums. 2013 helped steer us into that way with things like Vine, Instagram video and Medium. We will continue to see brands dabble in those mediums. Several will do a good job at fitting those into their content strategy, and one or two will blow everyone out of the water.

2014 is going to be an exciting year for the future of content. As technology evolves and competition for user attention increases, our mandate is to be agile. It will also be a challenging year trying to be that and still be relevant—I personally can’t wait.