7 key takeaways from Performance Next 2013

Following a great turnout for Performance Next, we at Resolution MENA share 7 key takeaways from the conference.

We are in an era of convergence

Media is increasingly data driven, audience centric and multi-channel. The next level of digital performance enhancement can only be unlocked by continuing to harmonize the previously siloed disciplines of search, display, social and mobile marketing.

Paid Search Advertising is much more than just driving clicks

It is a wider opportunity to engage consumers across the lifecycle, from access to conversations and experiences to driving acquisition. Its power is fully harnessed when combined with other mediums.

Search Engine Optimization is all encompassing.

It covers every digital touch point from your website, digital content, social platforms, mobile web and apps, digital PR etc. It requires collaboration across marketing, creative, design and technology.

Conversion Optimization is essential

This is to ensure you maximize the opportunity with every visit to a digital asset. It starts with having a clear objective in mind and continues throughout the lifecycle by constantly improving and testing every relevant variable in action.

Data Driven Advertising empowers advertiser’s

It allows advertiser’s to define and address every consumer individually, thereby increasing relevance of messaging and chance to convert. The most powerful data source exists within silos on the advertiser’s side. By breaking these down and linking it to sources of ad inventory such as ad exchanges, Facebook etc, quantum improvements in performance can be achieved.

Measurement and Attribution is essential

So as to understand the correlation between different marketing channels and the causation behind desired outcomes. This understanding is critical to optimize the mix and involves every aperture be it online or offline.

Data is redefining marketing

It will continue to empower marketers with information and feedback, thereby paving the path to infinitely improve upon current activities and open up new opportunities and new consumers.

The learning doesn’t stop here and we look forward to applying these best practices and knowledge in enhancing your business results.