Hyatt’s restaurants and bars website for Dubai had such little online visibility that prospective customers simply couldn’t find it in Google’s search pages or on Google maps. Searching for “Restaurants Dubai” brought up nothing for Hyatt properties on the ever-so important first page of results.

When Hyatt came to us, they wanted to reach a higher share of voice and rankings for restaurant-specific brands and generic search phrases. The goal was to improve the website and increase both its search visibility and organic search traffic, in the face of strong competition in the online F&B space. Booking and review sites, as well as other hotel chains, dominated this space.


We developed a unique, two-pronged SEO strategy, utilizing both on and off-page tactics.


Firstly, we developed and implemented a Google+ Local strategy for all the Hyatt restaurants in Dubai to ensure greater visibility in search engines and allow potential customers on-the-go to find these restaurants quickly using their mobile devices. We conducted local SEO optimization by implementing and optimizing G+ Business Listings. The optimization consisted of: writing engaging and keyword-targeted listing descriptions; uploading high quality images and providing specific details about each restaurant; opening hours; payment details; and other useful information.   More than 30 restaurant listings were set up across Hyatt’s Dubai hotel portfolio and optimized with the above best practice strategies. No other hotel chain has applied the same multi-local listings strategy before in the region, which put Hyatt in a favorable position, giving their F&B business a strong competitive edge on search engines.

Our on-page optimization improved the website to help it achieve high search engine rankings, enhancing both technical and content aspects of the site, such as the site’s structure, coding, page load time, keyword targeting and its copy, which are all key from an SEO point of view.


The site ranked on the first page of Google for the “Restaurants Dubai” search terms, which is a highly competitive key phrase in the UAE. As a direct result of the SEO project, the website’s natural search performance improved significantly year-on-year. Visits have increased by 472% through a 152% keyword visibility improvement across restaurants specific key phrases. The optimized content and technical site improvement yielded an uplift of 365% in goal conversions from natural search traffic; the primary site goals were to drive online bookings and enquiries from the website