Making sense of digital marketing terms in Arabic


While walking in Dubai Media City, consuming your third daily dose of caffeine, you are most certainly going to hear digital marketing executives discussing website traffic, Cost Per Acquisitions and a couple of sales pitches for a product in the coffee shop around the corner.

This city has become the birthplace of many regionally successful start-ups. Dubai has become the digital hub of the Arab world and the demand for digital savvy people is at the highest. Yet there has been almost no effort in producing Arabic content about the industry, discussing the best bidding strategy for a lead-based client, or the best Search account structure to use in AdWords. According to Google estimates, Arabic is the eighth most used language on the web, yet only 3 per cent of Arabic online content is available to the public.

For this reason, I have put together a list of commonly used digital marketing terms, with their Arabic translations. This could help set the base for any technical piece of content and get Arab marketers used to them.