Google’s Biggest Algorithm Update in 2015 – The Mobile-Friendly Update

Brace yourself (and your website) for the next Google algorithm update. The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm is scheduled to roll out globally on April 21st across all languages. If you receive a considerable amount of traffic from mobile, this could be an enormous threat to your online presence if your site is not mobile optimized. You could potentially lose 60% of your traffic (or even more) if your site is not ready for the new algorithm in the coming weeks.

Google has been sending out warning messages to all affected webmasters through Google Webmaster Tools over the last few months. If you have received one recently, you should take immediate action to fix the suggested issues with your site so that you are compliant with their update.

In the last few years, mobile-optimized sites had the advantage of ranking slightly better in mobile searches. With this update though, Google is shaking up the mobile search landscape so that they can provide the best user experience to this growing consumer segment.

Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji, a Webmaster Trends specialist, announced at SMX Munich last month that the update will affect more sites than all the Penguin and Panda updates together in the last few years, even though it will only impact mobile search results. This is because mobile traffic is already the dominant traffic source across many industries. According to ComScore, more than 60% of Google searches are coming from mobile devices; therefore this update will be the most impactful one in the recent history of search marketing and SEO.

The update will have two components. One will impact the visibility of mobile and standard web sites. The mobile-friendly pages will be ranked more favorably only if all usability and on-page criteria are met and the site is mobile optimized. The other component is app indexing and app content visibility within mobile search results. Google will feature app content more prominently if the users already have the app installed on their device. If your app is not yet indexable by search engines, it is high time to consider optimizing it.

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