Snapchat Launches New Discover Feature


Snapchat launched a new service this week, called Discover. It will allow users to see photos, videos, and articles from publications and networks like National Geographic, People magazine, Comedy Central, The Food Network, and ESPN. Basically, the new feature is a channel guide, where users can discover fresh content on a daily basis.

How it works:

Discover will present Snapchat stories, a collection of photos, videos, audio and web pages. All of these will be curated by the editorial teams of the partners involved. Users have to tap on a channel and swipe left to flip through a daily edition. Every story is headlined by a top Snap, a 10-second teaser. If users want to read more about the story, all they have to do is swipe up for the longer-form piece of content. Although the life of messages on Snapchat is 10 seconds (or less), Stories published on the service remain available for up to 24 hours.


The Content team at Resolution give their take on it:

Who needs a TV when they have Snapchat’s Discover feature?  It’s a brilliant approach to stay up-to-date on the go. For those of you who think watching the news is a mission, here’s a creative way to stay up to date.  This new feature might not allow ROI tracking yet, but it is still a stepping stone to monetizing the digital startup.
Sawsan Horani – Junior Executive, Content

In my opinion, Discover is a great idea and maybe the next big publishing platform. Why?

  1. It is built for mobile, which has a very large user base. According to Snapchat, in May 2014, the app’s users were sending 700 million photos and videos per day. With Discover, the possibilities are endless.
  2. It changes on daily basis, which keeps users updated. Every channel features a fixed set of stories that are only from today. It will keep the audience on their toes, as they look forward to new content and the latest trends. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Discover focuses on the now.

Ola Alami – Senior Executive, Content

The potential of Snapchat to compete with other social media platforms is still debatable. However, the new Discover feature could really give the platform a positive push. However, there are concerns from a marketer’s perspective. How well will this work for different brands from different industries? Will tracking and targeting be available in the near future? Only time will tell.
Mohamad Ali Al Ali – Junior Executive, Content

Discover is a bold move and one that, on reflection, will likely prove to be a game-changer for the app. While we can wax lyrical about the cool content partners, beautiful video display etc., what excites me is the “sticky” factor. By enabling stories to be visible only for the day, before disappearing to be replaced by new stories the next, Discover compels you to a) read the day’s content and b) incentivizes you to return. It’s exploiting the millennial generations’ FOMO! Also, when you think about it, how much stale news do you see on a typical news website? It hangs around for days.  Facebook shows you content from days’ – or even years. The same goes for Twitter via its “while you were away” algorithm and incessant RTs. Snapchat has zigged where the rest have zagged and I think that’s very cool. Its one drawback – ironically it’s not social. As of yet, you can’t share or comment on the stories!
Meredith Tuqan – Group Director, Content

I’m just saying, watch out Facebook and Twitter!
Samer Chehab – Associate Director, Content