How social media monitoring helped us stay fashion forward

Delivering creative content can seem easy for a lot of us. But how can we be sure that this is the right content our audience is looking for? This is a dilemma that a lot of community managers face daily, as they try to understand the reasons behind incidents of unexpectedly low engagement levels. How can we be sure the content we deliver is both relevant and timely to our target audience? In this post, I will discuss how social media monitoring around fashion helped us shape our content for one of our abaya fashion communities.


The first step to effective communication is listening. This is true in the real world and in the online world as well. For a fashion brand that faces cultural sensitivities when it comes to trends, especially from Saudi Arabia, it is important to be careful with online communication. It is also important to pay attention to markets that are considered “fashion hubs”, such as the United Arab Emirates in the case of abayas. So how do you find out how this topic is currently being discussed? By using world-class social listening tools, we were able to monitor online conversation happening on Twitter, blogs and forums around fashion trends. Also, it allowed us to find out how key markets approach this topic and what type of content they seek.

Analyzing data

Raw data is no data until it has been processed for meaningful use, which makes this step the most important one. We looked at the online buzz, mentions and pictures shared, and found patterns within conversations. Spring colors, black and white, tribal patterns, floral patterns, black and gold, different materials used such as velvet, were all fashion patterns spotted. Abaya fashion follows regular fashion trends (for example, from Paris Fashion Week). Our next insight revealed that abaya fashion trends in Saudi actually lag behind abaya fashion trends in the UAE. What does this tell us? Not only can we predict the next trend and accordingly shape our content, we can also communicate it appropriately depending on each market’s needs.

Making recommendations and taking action

Monitoring is all about actionable insights. Our recommendations helped solidify our online communication process and establish market-specific standards. We targeted our posts according to the type of content. Content that included daring abaya fashion trends were shared in English to the UAE, whereas conservative and traditional content was shared in Arabic to Saudi Arabia. This way we managed to avoid any potential backlash from culturally sensitive markets, as well as help keep the audience fashion forward.

Following these processes will allow you to better understand what your audiences seek. This will allow you to target them with better content and drive higher engagement levels across all your social media.