Demystifying Programmatic Buying

The Transformation of Media through Algorithms

Programmatic buying has dominated press headlines in the past two years, making it the latest buzzword on everybody’s lips in the advertising industry. Globally, brands are investing a greater percentage of their digital budgets through this type of platform, yet it still remains an area that many advertisers feel they do not fully understand, much less utilize to its full potential. In the United States, a far more mature digital market than the MENA region, programmatic digital display ad spends increased by 49% between 2014 and 2015 (eMarketer). So what is it exactly? Simply put, programmatic buying is the ability to buy media automatically across digital channels, using technology, data and rules.

Nevertheless, the benefits programmatic provides in terms of efficiency are unanimously acknowledged. Over 50% of respondents to a recent study we conducted for our most recent white paper claimed that they plan to increase investments in this form of media over the coming 12 months, with improved targeting, improved effectiveness and reduced wastage being the main perceived benefits.

Thanks to the massive growth of data over the past few years and the various platforms that contain, manage and connect it all together, programmatic has evolved further to utilize this data in order to now marry context with the specific user. This effectively produces delivery of the right message to the right consumer, at the right time.

To read more about this, download our latest white paper. It addresses the concerns that exist, demystifies some of the jargon associated with the discipline and provides a framework through which advertisers can embrace programmatic buying more effectively going forwards.