De toekomst van zoekmachine marketing

De toekomst van zoekmachine marketing

Are You Ready for “Discovery Marketing”?

The behavior of online searchers is evolving. Is your organization ready to capitalize on the coming changes to search?

According to Forrester’s research, most firms are woefully unready to collect customers engaged in all forms of digital discovery — a trend that Forrester calls “discovery marketing.”

As a leading digital marketing agency, Resolution Media commissioned Forrester to produce this new white paper, “The Future of Search Marketing,” providing you with critical insights into the coming changes in search. This white paper builds off of the initial Resolution/Forrester “The Future of Search Marketing” white paper of 2012.

To uncover the findings that will help you achieve more now, and in the future, with your search marketing efforts, download this new, updated version of “The Future of Search Marketing” today. And as a special bonus, take the interactive test below
to see how your marketing team stacks up to the demands of effective discovery marketing.