11 Social Media Super Bowl Predictions That You’ll Want to Know This Sunday

Superbowl LI is upon us! Whether you watch it for the cheating game, or for the ads, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. I’ve asked a few folks to share their predictions for what we might expect to see new and exciting on Social Media during the game this year. Here’s what they had to say:

1.“This will be the first Bowl where cross-screen video storytelling will erase the line between the device in our hands and the one on the wall.” – George Manas, President Resolution Media

2.“I think (hope) everyone will be ready to screen grab awkward Tom Brady sideline shots to quickly create post         memes. Add a Chalupa, @TacoBell, or @Skittles photoshop in with @MoneyLynch tossing pieces of candy at him with a creative hashtag and you have Insta brand magic!” – Jeff Campbell, SVP, Managing Director at Resolution Media

3.Brands are likely going to pull out all the creative stops to grab users’ attention, because they’re going to be               competing, not only with other social advertisers on real-time platforms like Snapchat and Twitter, but TV                   advertisers as well.” – Stephanie Bouvia, Social Media Strategist at Resolution Media

4.“This will be the real-time marketing Super Bowl. We’ll see lots of brands trigger social ads synced to in-game          moments. Everything from the coin toss (go tails!) to the first touchdown will be up for grabs on the second                  screen.” – Aaron Goldman, CMO at 4C Insights

5.“I think there will be an increase of brands leveraging live streams during the Super Bowl!” – Jackie Boer, Social Media Supervisor at Resolution Media

6.“It will be interesting to see how ads prompt users to be more active across social.  i.e. see if there are CTAs               prompting people to discover more on their channels or sites.  It would also be interesting to see how channels use     Live – across FB, YT, SC, and Instagram stories to prompt real time engagement.” – Gaby Haynosch, Social Media Supervisor at Resolution Media

7.“Lady Gaga will make a polarizing political statement that explodes on Social Media.”– Judy Barron, Regional Vice President, North America at Marin Software

8.“I expect there will be lots of tweets, posts and memes about the #AlternativeFacts play-by-play.” – Nancy              Adzentoivich, SVP at Resolution Media (that’s me!)

9.Chris Harrington, Social Media Director, Resolution Media chimes in with not one but TWO                        predictions:   “On the expected meme front, we are going to see something that ties a game event/player (Tom            Brady) or commercial (Mexico Avocados) with something political. For the who wins the brand super bowl – The        winning brand will NOT have a spot that airs during the Super Bowl, rather steals attention with timely, relevant,         and smart creative in social. It will be very risky because it will all be tied to politics.”

10.“I think we’ll see people using Snapchat Spectacles to capture particularly crazy Super Bowl party moments.” –      Ben Hovaness, Group Director at Resolution Media

11.“I anticipate Facebook dominating across the board on usage metrics. They will probably be focused on driving     video (especially live) aggressively in news feeds, keeping content consumption high and ad prices down. All with       the aim t  o proclaim record-breaking video views and continue to entice Super Bowl advertisers with high ROI,           further siphoning ad budgets from other channels and platforms next year.””Also, though it would be nice for the       Falcons to get the win, the Pats will pull it together and make it happen.” – Diana Klochkova, VP Digital                 Strategy at Rebel Ventures

It seems our experts* agree that Live will be hot. We will see brands and viewers moving seamlessly across devices and platforms. A creative use of wit and humor with a dash of politics will be used in Social in an attempt to lure your attention away from the chips and guacamole and perhaps even from your TV screens and those $10 million ad spots.

What are your predictions for the big social media game this year? Hit me up @SEMSage or and let me know.

*Thanks to all of my friends and colleagues who were good sports and agreed to play along.