Building the Perfect Search Ad is Like Building the Perfect Burger

Photo by First We Feast


Perfect search ads are built much like perfect burgers; they both feature complex layers that if stacked improperly won’t appeal to any consumer. For both search ads and burgers, the consumer experience is highly variable and must account for individual preference in taste and quality to create something enticing enough to pique their interest at the right time. Finding the perfect combination of ingredients though, such as pairing messaging and the use of ad extensions can pull a consumer in right off the street, no matter how prevalent and intriguing the competition may be.

The Recipe for the Perfect Search Ad

  • Step 1: Expanded Text Ad This is the burger patty and, since it’s the foundation for everything, the most important ingredient. Expanded text ads enable advertisers to flex their creative muscles to entice and encourage purchase. Utilize this space to highlight promotions, unique attributes or product qualities. With two headlines and an 80-character description, the options are limitless.
  • Step 2: Paths Similar to ketchup and mustard, two paths appended to the domain add just enough flavor without taking away from the rest of the ad.
  • Step 3: Four to Eight Sitelinks  This is where the master chef of messaging gets to explore. Not everyone likes burgers or fries, similarly, sitelinks present multiple opportunities to showcase other features of the brand. Add eight of them for the most flavor.
  • Step 4: Two to Six Callout Extensions: Add a little pizazz with short callouts of products and services; in the world of burgers, these would be the “2 Slices of Cheese” or “Fresh Pico de Gallo” add-ons.

Overall, there is a great deal of flexibility in ingredients that can be added, removed or used to enhance an ad. However, it is necessary to build a solid foundation before mastering the art of seasoning. Once a patty has been perfected, advertisers can move on to experimenting with unique offerings —  like driving app downloads or store visits as the final touches to the perfect ad.

An ad sits above organic listings in search results, such as a burger patty would on its toasted bun. The organic listings, while natural in its ability to surround the perfect ad, gives consumers a little comfort in the search results. It signals to the consumer that not every result on the page is a seasoned ad, but results also offers consumers exactly what they are looking for in the form of natural dialogue and a domain.

Of course, once the recipe and its variations have been mastered, advertisers can begin thinking about their restaurant atmosphere. The atmosphere has to closely align with the target consumer; refined keyword targeting ensures that the ad reaches the right person, at the right time — every time.