Before the debut of the world’s fastest four-seater, the Bentley Continental Supersports, the high-end auto manufacturer sought to generate greater brand awareness among its core audience while going after a new audience of younger auto enthusiasts in an immersive way and remaining true to the Bentley brand.


In order to create awareness, online engagement and financial deposits for the Continental Supersports model, the team aspired to branch out from its usual marketing methods and produce a Facebook Live event at the Detroit Auto Show to pique interest, expand its reach and generate high viewership.


Resolution, Bentley and Facebook developed an innovative sequential media strategy to drive buzz and engagement around the new model and event by supporting two teaser videos, a sponsored post, Facebook Live and a wrap-up/sizzle video to tie in all of the executions. After the story and cadence were determined and the videos produced, Resolution flighted the teaser banner video ad unit both 48 hours and 24 hours before the Detroit Auto Show Facebook Live event. The event went out to the Bentley fan base as well as a targeted new audience to ensure an extended reach for the viewing. The sponsored post was also flighted 24 hours beforehand, highlighting the Facebook Live event and offering users the option to add it to their calendar for a reminder. During the debut, the Facebook Live video was “live” for 15 minutes, showcasing an interview discussing the new model and its performance. The Facebook Live video was supported with paid media for an additional 12 hours after the live event ended, while the recap video – which included highlights from the Live event and features of the model – was supported another three weeks after the live event.


Overall, it was a huge success and Bentley successfully pushed the boundaries for the ultra-luxury space with an evolved media and communications strategy that effectively reached new and existing affluent audiences.

  • It reached more than 12.5M users, generating 6.4M video views and 6.5M post engagements.
  • The teaser video ads drove more than 1M video views while reaching 5M users, raising awareness and building the audience pool for Bentley’s live event at the Detroit Auto Show.
  • The Facebook Live video reached 2.4M users, generating 3.9M video views at a very low cost-per-view (CPV) of $0.02.
  • Throughout the live event, 99% of the reactions from the target audience were positive, with 31K “likes,”3K “loves” and 1K “laughs.”
  • Bentley received five deposits from customers that can be correlated to the Facebook Live event.
  • From the multiple supported ads, Bentley successfully captured a new audience (dream funnel, aspirational segment) for retargeting in subsequent 2017 campaigns.