The One Love Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to teach young people about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors as a way to end relationship abuse, was faced with the challenge of spreading awareness surrounding relationship/dating violence with limited funding and a small digital footprint. There was an added hurdle of competing with multiple established events and organizations having similar nomenclature to “one love.”


In order to address these challenges, the One Love Foundation set out to create short, digital videos that educated people about emotional abuse, specifically targeting the organization’s core demographic of people ages 17-24. To do so, they partnered with Resolution Media to develop the #ThatsNotLove Facebook campaign as a way to highlight the grey areas between love and control as well as raise the One Love brand profile as a go-to resource for young people interested in learning more about relationship violence.

After a deep-dive market research of One Love Foundation’s core audience and the most effective platforms for KPI results, Resolution Media designed a plan to ignite conversations and generate brand awareness through a paid media social strategy. In the plan, Resolution recommended that One Love:

  • Focus on reaching its core demographic and generate conversation around physically and emotionally abusive relationships through the hashtag #ThatsNotLove
  • Flight campaigns on Facebook and Instagram with KPIs for brand awareness and video view engagement
  • Launch a Facebook campaign with layered targeting to reach people in the United States most likely to engage and allow for significant optimizations
  • Approve multiple creative assets to launch consecutively to prevent audience fatigue


To execute One Love’s first paid social campaign, the team:

  • Researched One Love’s core demographic (people ages 17-24, with layered targeting of high school and college students, etc.) and users most likely to engage with content
  • Incorporated the branded hashtag #ThatsNotLove in all Facebook and Instagram content to help generate awareness and conversation around physically and emotionally abusive relationships
  • Promoted on Facebook via boosted Video Native Player in order to account for organic traction – as well as paid – in total engagements
  • With view through rate as the main KPI, optimized media across Facebook and Instagram


For One Love’s campaign, there was a strong correlation between results from paid media activity and increased organic user activity. Earned engagement helped drive the campaign’s main KPIs of brand awareness and interest.

Social media results of the #ThatsNotLove Love Labyrinth digital campaign include:

  • A combined total view count of more than 33.2 million on Facebook
  • A combined paid view count of more than 10.4 million on Facebook
  • An astonishing ~266K shares helping attribute to earned media and an overall view count of ~33.2MM
  • When paid media was activated, there was a substantial increase in not only paid page likes, but also organic page likes totaling 300-1,000 per day compared to the average 3-28 per day; when paid media stopped, the interaction dipped to levels similar to pre-paid support engagement