After previous brand awareness campaigns for its women’s product line, Levi’s was eager to further boost its share of the women’s jeans market by building a dialogue about the collection on social media.

For the “Live in Levis” campaign, Resolution Media sought to boost engagement while decreasing typical cost-per-engagement (CPE). They also looked to strengthen campaign performance via close up rate (CUR), click through rate (CTR) and re-pin rate (RPR).


With its “Live in Levi’s” campaign, Levi’s went all in, launching its biggest marketing push aimed at women since introducing its first pair of women’s jeans in 1934. Brought aboard to handle social media, Resolution focused efforts on the campaign’s marketing crown jewel: No matter what their body type may be, women can find a style of jeans that suits them in Levi’s all-new women’s denim collection.

With Levi’s passion for testing emerging social platforms, Resolution seized the opportunity to explore a new offering from the wildly popular social media channel Pinterest. The strategy was ambitious: after determining which keywords would most likely engage women of all shapes and sizes, the Resolution team would leverage Pinterest’s newly launched self-service platform to connect with those female consumers.


To execute the ambitious plan, the team:

  • Researched search terms across the web with a focus on social platforms to create a robust keyword list to target against
  • Built out keyword lists extensively to include the most highly searched, relevant terms on Pinterest – “curvy,” “boyfriend jeans,” “fall fashion,” and “back to school” to name a few – as well as the keywords most often searched by customers of Levi’s competitors
  • Incorporated the branded hashtag – #LadiesinLevis” – in all Pinterest content
  • Purchased Promoted Pins via Pinterest’s new self-service CPE offering, instead of the cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) model most advertisers use
  • With engagement rate as the primary KPI, optimized media across Facebook and Twitter


Compared to retail fashion industry benchmarks, the results that the Resolution team generated for the Levi’s campaign were remarkable:

  • At $0.28, Levi’s CPE was 25%-33% more cost-effective than the industry standard, which ranges from $0.37 to $0.42
  • Levi’s Close Up Rate (CUR, when a consumer clicks on a specific Pin to zoom in on the image the Pin contains) was 1.44%, which is 70%-90% stronger than the retail benchmark range of 76%-0.85%
  • Engagement Rate of 1.71% was 95%-125% stronger than the benchmark range of 0.76%-0.88%
  • At 0.07%, Click Through Rate (CTR) was 125%-150% stronger than the industry’s 0.02%-0.03%
  • The 0.40% Re-Pin Rate (RPR) was 190%-225% stronger than the benchmark range of 0.12%-0.14%

The “Live in Levi’s” Pinterest campaign achieved cost-effective results on a modest budget – hitting these impressive benchmarks on a platform to which many brands are still getting acclimated.

Pinterest Chart