Building a Unified Customer Vision

Big data can cause big trouble without a proven process to consolidate data sources and address conflicting insights. With ClearTargetTM, we develop digital strategies built on a wide range of key data sources, including psychographic, demographic and technographic data.  We combine digital measurement and research services from comScore, Hitwise, Quantcast, Google AdPlanner and others with search intelligence from Google, Yahoo, and Bing, plus analytics data from your website, to present a comprehensive picture of the people using your site.  Our analysts model and interpret the grouping and weighting of data sources, and category, competitor and brand insights to define your digital target audience, or ClearTargetTM.

Audience-Centered Strategic Planning

With a thorough understanding of your most important audiences in hand, we can create optimal channel and account plans for your digital marketing strategy. You’ll receive insights on your audience segments and how you should message them. In the end, your marketing investments will be more effective, driven by hard data insights, and they’ll account for the entire consumer journey.