Resolution helps companies identify and understand their most important audiences better than ever before, with proprietary tools like ClearTarget™ and Current@Resolution. This sets the stage for content creation campaigns that deliver exceptional returns, by developing the right messaging and resources to connect with the most profitable customer segments.

ClearTarget™ is a revolutionary digital marketing tool that we use to help you understand your audience segments better than any other resource available today. Combining industry-leading research from comScore, Hitwise, Quantcast and Google Ad Planner with analytics and search intelligence from Google, Yahoo, and Bing, ClearTarget presents a comprehensive picture of the people who use your site. Resolution analysts model and interpret this data to define your key audience segments and unlock game-changing digital insights.

Our content development efforts consider the technographic, psychographic and demographic profiles of your consumer audience segments, enabling the type of content creation that will resonate with consumers across platforms, channels and devices.