The First All-Inclusive Agency Social Marketing Solution

Current@Resolution can enable you to be fast, agile and technical enough to succeed with social media, despite the rapid pace of change in social marketing. Designed for enterprise brands, Current@Resolution offers an integrated suite of always-on activation services that delivers turnkey social media marketing across four primary service areas:

  1. Insights
  2. Rapid content planning and creation
  3. Paid amplification
  4. Analytics

Tapping into Trending Topics

Current@Resolution can put your brand into the wave of news and trends being discussed by your most important audiences by producing relevant and timely content, analyzing the effectiveness of that content, and extending its reach through organic optimization and paid amplification.

Powerful Results

Major brands are already seeing results with Current@Resolution. A large entertainment network increased its Promoted Tweet engagement rate by 227%, and that’s just one example. To find out more about how brands drive results with Current@Resolution, why Resolution Media is uniquely suited to offer this solution and more details about the product, download the Current@Resolution white paper.