Facebook Releases New Mobile App Ad Features to Increase App Engagement

Facebook Mobile App


On Oct. 1, Facebook announced added features to their mobile application (app) ads to help advertisers drive more engagement within mobile apps. In addition to the already available mobile app install option, Facebook released seven new calls–to-action to keep users engaged with the mobile apps they have already downloaded.

How it Works

Facebook advertisers are now able to use custom audience retargeting to reengage with consumers on mobile devices who have already downloaded their mobile app. Advertisers can upload various custom audience options such as Mobile Advertiser IDs or email addresses and layer in demographic, interest/category, and mobile device targeting to drill down to a more exact audience.

Advertisers can utilize one of Facebook’s seven new custom calls-to-action to encourage users to continue engaging with the mobile app. Calls-to-action now include:

  1. Open Link
  2. Use App
  3. Shop Now
  4. Play Game
  5. Book Now
  6. Listen Now
  7. Watch Video

Campaign effectiveness can be measured by integrating with Facebook’s SDKs (Software Development Kit) to report the specific actions taken within apps by engaged users.

There are multiple examples of how advertisers can use mobile app ads to drive engagement and conversions:

  • A retail app wants to notify existing users of a current sale or promotion
  • A game wants to bring existing players to updated levels
  • A music app wants to bring listeners to a new playlist
  • A travel app wants to promote discounted fares and getaways

Key Takeaways:

The updates to Facebook’s Mobile App ads provide a great opportunity for advertisers to leverage the ad format to greater increase overall app usage. By leveraging existing Facebook targeting with the new custom audience retargeting will give advertisers the capability to target the exact users that are most likely to engage with the app. Advertisers should consider the following recommendations:

  1. Utilize targeting to keep maintain already created relationships. With custom audience retargeting now available, advertisers can ensure that users who have already downloaded the mobile app will continue to be engaged.
  2. Continue to grow app audience. Facebook’s mobile audience now totals 819 million people and growing. By using the mobile app’s original Install feature, advertisers can use the growing mobile audience to grow their existing app audience.
  3. Measure action performance. By integrating with Facebook’s SDKs, advertisers can measure the exact action that users are performing. This data will allow advertisers to optimize creative message to encourage continued usage.


As mobile usage continues to grow, utilizing custom audiences retargeting with specific calls-to-action presents advertisers with the opportunity to drive an increase in overall app usage and grow user engagement.

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