March 13 – March 17, 2015

visit_us_official_lounge_sx15StoryConnect@Omnicom Lounge
JW Marriott Room 401
110 East 2nd Street
Austin, TX 78701


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StoryConnect@Omnicom is the content newsroom for SXSW Interactive 2015. It’s an always-on, data-driven, socially-enabled, content and advertising center. Visitors will see the news, trends and surprises from SXSW as we make big data small. This “lounge” is being powered by Resolution Media & FleishmanHillard’s data intelligence suite.

What is Our Differentiating POV & Approach?

The Resolution/FleishmanHillard partnership represents the only global content marketing offering that leverages enterprise media monitoring, best-in-class audience and advertising data that is used to amplify programs through paid media; the data is then measured at the scale of a global holding company – Omnicom. The value proposition of the combined agencies is focused on: “Data-Driven content that performs.”

What Does The Partnership Leverage?

  • FleishmanHillard’s best-in-class social and traditional media monitoring (FH TrueIQ) and content marketing (FH ContentWorks) at global scale and consistency.
  • Resolution Media’s proven audience segmentation (ClearTarget™) and measurement capabilities (in conjunction with Annalect data sources and tools), as well as global enterprise paid social (Current@Resolution™) and paid search capabilities.
  • Annalect provides a proprietary publishing platform (Assembly) that delivers data visualization and insights inside a secure collaborative environment.
  • StoryConnect, powered by Clear Target™ & TrueIQ, represents the only global content marketing solution that combines the data-driven audience segmentation and paid social expertise of Resolution Media with the enterprise media monitoring and unified global content and creative expertise of FleishmanHillard.

Why is it Here?

The pressing need at a show of the dimensions of SXSW Interactive 2015 is helping participants keep up with what’s trending. They’re looking for ways to prioritize the events and figure out which people they want to meet. It essentially allows an attendee to avoid FOMO, fear of missing out. We use our approach to data intelligence to let participants catch up on things they may have passed on initially and see which participants and innovations are having the most impact in Austin.

What is the Data Intelligence Suite?

  • The data intelligence suite is an interactive, portable, human-powered technology platform that makes big data small. What we’re doing here is sifting through the mountains of information being generated across SXSW and beyond to pick out the most relevant – and actionable – content and conversations.
  • By essentially making big data small we aim to change the way both attendees and non-attendees experience the energy, excitement and innovation of 2015 SXSW Interactive.

How Does it Work?

General: The data intelligence suite integrates business data – including traditional, digital and social conversations – into real-time insight dashboards and visualizations.

Collect, Curate, Create, Amplify: Working with Resolution Media and other Omnicom agencies, we identified some of the hottest topics for this year’s show and researched keywords and associations. During the Festival, we’re tracking how those topics are being discussed and shared online and beyond. We’re creating real-time analysis and content for show attendees to share with their own social networks.

Interactive layer: At the interactive screen, you can select a topic of interest, which then shows a dashboard of all conversations around that topic. You can then view a copy of the dashboard and share it in your own social networks, email, or text.

Why Are Resolution Media & FleishmanHillard Doing This?

As a marketer, simple answers to questions in real-time is like hitting the jackpot. While a variety of insights products currently look back at data to create future strategies, few have been developed to break down big data and develop insights that inform brand content strategy to create content in real time.

Having run into this conundrum many times ourselves, we decided to develop a mobile data intelligence system to ingest and analyze big data; effectively making it “small” and digestible so we can develop content for audiences. Our dual-agency data intelligence suite analyzes a number of different initiatives—everything from tracking data in real time and providing on-the-ground monitoring during events, to crisis work, product announcements, advertising targeting optimization and much more. It is a new take on monitoring, real-time content strategy, content development, distribution and amplification.

Connect With Us

For more information, talk to any of the friendly folks working at the StoryConnect@Omnicom lounge, or contact:

Viji Davis

Chief Marketing Officer, Resolution

Darrell Jursa

Senior Vice President/Partner, FleishmanHillard

Joe Raaen

Global Strategic Partnerships – Digital, Annalect


Resolution Media, an Omnicom Media Group company, is one of the largest digital performance agencies in the world and manages more than $1.2B in media investments. Resolution’s international network delivers digitally-integrated, full-service solutions in the areas of search, social, local, mobile, behavioral and content marketing.


FleishmanHillard is the world’s most complete global communications firm, specializing in public relations, public affairs, marketing, paid media, and transmedia and social content. FleishmanHillard delivers on The Power of True, reflecting the firm’s high values, and unique ability to guide clients through a world demanding unprecedented authenticity and transparency. FleishmanHillard was named PRWeek’s 2014 “Large Agency of the Year,” “Standout Agency” on Advertising Age’s 2013 A-List; NAFE’s “Top 50 Companies for Executive Women” for 2010-2014; Advertising Age’s 2012 “Best Places to Work”; and The Holmes Report’s 2012 Global “Public Affairs Agency of the Year.” The firm’s award-winning work is widely heralded, including at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity. FleishmanHillard is part of Diversified Agency Services, a division of Omnicom Group Inc., and has more than 80 offices in 30 countries, plus affiliates in 42 countries. Visit us at


Data driven marketing solutions are often complex, but working with a partner to deploy them should be simple.

We’re not a technology or data company claiming to understand marketing. We’re marketers first. By way of Omnicom, we come from creative, media, public relations, direct response and other core marketing disciplines to offer solutions that solve your marketing problems. How do we know they work? Because we’ve been there before, just like you.

We provide you with a data driven marketing strategy, powered by a connected system of technology, tools, consultants and activation. Almost as important as what we do, is what we don’t do. We don’t solely rely on a single technology partner, because being technology agnostic ensures that your platform isn’t obsolete after six months. We don’t sell prepackaged solutions, because actually getting to know your business is the only way to maintain success. We don’t hold your data hostage, because nimble and flexible is the future.

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